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The eastern mole is native to Florida and infests grassy areas all over the state. Their powerful forelegs are specially adapted for pushing soil out of the way as they dig underground. The turf damage they do is truly amazing when their tiny size is taken into consideration. A single mole can tunnel a distance of 18 feet per hour.

Moles tend to tunnel near the surface of lawns where insects, grubs and larvae are plentiful. Contrary to popular wisdom, they don’t feed on the roots of grass, but kill roots by aerating the soil and drying them out. In other words, moles eat the insects and grubs that are killing the lawn to begin with.

The turf damage caused is largely cosmetic but long, ugly strips of browning grass and churned soil criss-crossing a lawn is something no residential or commercial property owner wants to see. .


Our Nuisance Wildlife Removal offers a trapping program that generally takes 30 days to complete. We have to identify the main “highways” of the mole, set traps and then check them several times a week moving them when necessary. Once we have captured the moles you then need to have your lawn treated for insects to deplete the food supply so the problem does not reoccur. Your local pest control company can assist you in that matter.

Mole Problems: Keep the Moles Away From Your Home

Can’t figure out why your home or office flowerbeds in Florida are all torn up? Sounds like you may have a mole problem! 

How to Identify Moles and Mole Problems

Moles (Scalepus spp.) are not rodents, but relatives of the insectivores (insect eaters) such as shrews and hedgehogs. In their search for food, moles burrow in lawns, meadows, stream banks, and open woodlots, creating elaborate underground tunnels. They feed mainly on earthworms and insect larvae (grubs). Only rarely seen above ground, moles are 4 to 9 inches long, including the tail, with long dark gray or brown fur. Eyes are tiny, like a pinhead, and the tail and feet are usually pink. They have no visible ears. There are seven species of moles in the United States, and some species may be protected by law.

Common Mole Damage to Yards

As they burrow, they sometimes damage plants, but the major problem with moles is the mounds and ridges that disfigure lawns. As they tunnel just below the surface, moles raise the sod up with their front digging feet, looking for food or new tunneling sites. They can push up surface tunnels at the rate of a foot per minute if the soil is loose. They prefer loose, moist soil shaded by vegetation.
Not sure if you have moles in your Florida yard? Common characteristics of mole yard damage are torn-up flowerbeds and torn-up grass roots from inconvenient burrowing habits leaving your yard a mess! It is important, however, to properly identify the source of this yard damage before setting out to trap the moles you think you have in your yard.

How to Get Rid of Moles and Mole Problems

If you have a nuisance mole control problem in Florida, the best solution to remove the moles from your property is through mole trapping. The use of mole traps to trap moles is the most effective way to eliminate mole invasion problems. All of the mole traps used by Critter Control in Florida are environmentally friendly and can be used for humane mole trapping.

Critter Control Mole Trapping Specialists

Critter Control in Florida can help! We specialize in getting rid of moles and can help keep those moles away. Though time-consuming, using traps is the most effective method of control. Through our effective and efficient mole control techniques we can eliminate your mole control problems Florida in no time. Critter Control offers a variety of services for mole control in Florida, including mole removal in Florida, mole trapping, mole prevention techniques in Florida, and mole damage repair.

Humane Mole Control Methods

Using only humane animal handling techniques throughout our mole control strategies, we can eliminate your mole problems. Let Critter Control help you get rid of moles!




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